WHERE’S WALLY 6 – Jingle Beers

Before Christmas I did a festive Where’s Wally combined with a solo *works do*, taking in a number of  distinguished watering holes, as I’m going to do Wally 7 on Monday I thought that I’d better re-cap on that beforehand. The solo *do* ended up combining with another *do* but more on that as the tale unfolds.

OK first stop, first drink, first pic.

Not the best photo in the world but it’s a Siren Orange Boom

No messing about here, in like Flynn was @qmacro – by studying the grain of the wood he correctly identified the location as @CafeBeermoth – incredible skills from DJ & a great addition to MCR’s booze landscape.

Time to move on.

Half a wheat beer whilst waiting for a new tank to go on (clue)
Let’s look down, hmm, an old boozer or just old tiles?
Let’s look up, pretty grand looking, who drinks in a house like this?
OK, let’s make it easy, check out the little tap

Bingo, that did it @kaleighpie rightly spotted that I was living the dream in the bohemian pleasure palace that is @AlbertsSchloss – if you’ve got it flaunt it! I was lucky that they were just putting on a new tank of Pilsner Urquell, super fresh & tasty. Kaleigh’s other half won recently so they are the first official Where’s Wally couple, ain’t that sweet.

Let’s hit the road again.

Lunchtime, no I’m not in the Oxnoble
The lonely stool
The cobbled street outside is a giveaway

Step up @BeerFinderGen he can find bars as well @TheKnott to be specific, take a bow & a beer Beerfinder.

Remember me saying that my *do* joined forces with another *do*? Well this is where it happened. The fine folks at @BeerNouveau were out so they strolled down for a HASHTAG TAKEOVER. That’s right, Steve would be taking the wheel of the Where’s Wally mobile.

Were did he take it?

Don’t follow the light!

Faster than the speed of light @DavidMarchment  wasn’t blinded by the light & sussed that we were in @The_Gaslamp quicker than a Ninja.

Where now?

Figure that out
Have we crossed the channel?
Hang on, you can’t use me as a clue! And my head is NOT that big, I am a reasonably normal human being honest.

Well that clinched it @mcmoomin got it right, but hang on – we we’re still in the Gaslamp, Steve trying to outfox you there.

Next stop.

I went for the Jeffrey
Is that a moon?

Bish bash bosh, who steps in but @BeerFinderGen again with the Moon Under Water, he’s only gone & got himself a brace! Fair play to the lad.

And that was it, congratulations to all the winning pubculturians & congratulations to you for making it to the end of this post.

Stay tuned to Twitter for the first Where’s Wally of 2016 on Monday.

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