WHERE’S WALLY 5 – No Bass In The Lass

After a short break, I finally got to do Where’s Wally 5 on Monday, apologies for my absence.

So, let’s have a look at this week’s pics, if you missed out on the day then you can treat this like the ‘catch up’ function on your telly.

Usual pic of a pint teaser shot, Bass their regular ale
Have you ever sat on this comfy seating?

Suggestions were flooding in now, Salisbury, Grand Central, The Bank – All wrong.

Surely someone will remember this ceiling?

More stabs in the dark were being made, Moon Under Water, Manchester & County, Mr. Tom’s, nice try but no E-cigar.

No that’s not a pint of Greene King, it’s a far more tasty Bradfield Belgian Blue

More random names flew in, Bull’s Head, Waldorf, Town Hall Tavern, Lass O’Gowrie ( which prompted a great comment from the eventual winner “He wouldn’t have got Bass in the Lass” ).

Just when I thought I’d outfoxed everyone, @phil55494 struck again, correctly guessing The Unicorn on Church St.

High Fives to Phil for being the first pubculturian to win twice, absolutely amazing Phil, take a bow.

A nice window seat then became available, so I shifted position to enjoy my final pint.

Proper Manchester weather

The Unicorn isn’t a flash pub, just a nice comfy, friendly watering hole, a regulars pub on a Monday afternoon, join in the lively conversation in one room or sit quietly with a paper in the other. Soon after I switched seats a couple came in & sat near me, big suitcases full of something & all rush & business talk, if yuppies still exist then that’s what I’ll call them. Anyway, one asked the nice lady behind the bar if she could charge her phone in the socket near them, but was told that it was broken but she was welcome to use another. The next nearest socket already had something plugged into, a large twinkling Christmas tree, without even asking she unplugged the tree & plugged her device in. No more twinkly lights for anyone, I hope Santa pisses down her chimney.

I’ll try & fit another Where’s Wally in before Christmas, but I may be open every day & in case you don’t know, we should finally be able to let you drink in the shop on Friday 11th December when we get our on licence.

I’ll post more details on this soon.

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