ALL MOD CONS – Fitting out on a shoestring

In case you don’t know, I’m in the middle of a planning application that’s the first step in changing the shop’s current Off Licence to an On Licence. This will enable discerning patrons to try the various bottled beverages on offer in a friendly, relaxing environment, well that’s the plan anyway.

As usual, I’m trying to achieve this with limited financial resources & that means I’m currently haunting the local charity shops & flea markets digging for treasure, so I’ll keep you up to date with interesting finds.

I’ve had my beady eye out for glasses, here’s some that I’ve nabbed –

I found glasses with pretty pictures on them
I found glasses with pretty pictures on them
Traditional froth buckets
Traditional froth buckets
Stone cold classics
Stone cold classics

Even the dirtiest looking glasses come up lovely with a bit of TLC, the Watneys Red Barrel one was covered in some sort of grease & it turned out very handsome. Unfortunately I was then able to see the big crack in it. Oi market trader! I paid 50p for that!

When writing this post I became curious regarding the origin of the phrase ‘on a shoestring’ so I asked google for the lowdown. Seems there’s a few theories so I’ll just pick my favourite – Back in the day in the US of A, disreputable groups of men of little means would gather in dark, smoky bars, playing cards for very small sums of money. Their distinctive bootlace ties earned them the nickname ‘Shoestring Gamblers’. I like the sound of it.

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