DOG DAY AFTERNOON – Solo sunny day drinking

I don’t work Mondays, the shop’s closed, the child’s at school, so I’m a free man. This Monday, domestic obligations complete by about 1pm & pick up time not until 3.10, the sun was on full beam & I was thirsty. A short stroll & I emerge from the bright light squinting in the dark interior of The Top Dog (The Dog & Pheasant to give it it’s Sunday name).

ALES & FINE FARE? Yes please
ALES & FINE FARE? Yes please

A Marstons’s pub this so you won’t find anything exotic, but what you will find is 5 cask ales served in excellent condition & a friendly welcome. Plenty of dog-eared beer books are lying around should you want to geek out for a while, but I was here for beer & sun. I got myself a perch on a bench outside, perfect for that most relaxing sport – solo beer enhanced people watching.

England's not so bad really is it?
England’s not so bad really is it?

Hang on though, there’s no people, no one really walks down this road unless they’ve got a dog. Plenty of cars & bikes going past though & I started to realise the tables had been turned, lots of people were looking at me. As they rushed by getting on with their important business I could see a flash of green in their eyes. Look at this jammy tw#t they were all thinking, nothing better to do on a Monday than sit in the sun supping ale.

I had a single hop Flyer, solid first pint, then a Sunbeam which was the best I’ve ever tasted it (it’s a summer regular in the Dog). Seemed juicier than usual & it’s condition was spot on, perfect beer/weather/location/mood alignment.

Food pairing – Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken crisps.

The apex moment of a quick 2 pinter
The apex moment of a quick 2 pinter

It was still sunny when the other half returned from a hard day at the office so I took the family back to the Dog. More Sunbeam fortified with beef & onion muffins, cheese & onion pie, fish fingers, chips & onion rings, all excellent.

The Dog & Pheasant is located at 528 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, OL7 9PQ

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