STAY FREE – Beer Karma in B&M Bargains


A chap came into the shop yesterday & asked me if I had any Robinson’s Old Tom with ginger, afraid not I replied. I was about to suggest some beers that he might enjoy when I had a memory flash from the day before. I’d been checking out the beer selection in B&M’s & I’d noticed a couple of ginger toms on the shelf. I put him on the case & off he went to line the pockets of my nearest competitor (sort of). But that’s not the end of this tale, he returned shortly after having cleared them out of bargain Tom, & gave me one for the tip off, top bloke, cheers.

This beer person is, it seems, a good person – Beers Manchester will be happy, as will I if the chap becomes a regular customer.

I shared the good deed when Spiderman Mick called in later for his weekly prescription, half each on the Tom instead of his usual Evian.

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